Monday, June 3, 2013

Tips to Remove Mold From Your Home

Nobody wants mold growing anywhere in their home. Unfortunately, mold can sometimes appear, even if you clean consistently and thoroughly. Mold will most commonly appear in a home’s bathroom due to the moisture, heat, and lack of ventilation. Bathrooms may provide mold with perfect growing conditions, but it can appear anywhere in your home. If you ever have a run-in with mold, try using these household items to remove the mold:

Lemon or Lemon Juice

This image shows a whole and a cut lemon.Depending on the size or location of the moldy area, use a lemon or lemon juice to remove mold. If the area can be reached, cut a lemon in half or into a smaller wedge. Rub the lemon on the moldy surface and allow it to sit for approximately 10 minutes then rinse the area with water to kill the mold. If the location of the mold is hard to reach, try using lemon juice with a toothbrush and scrub the area to remove the mold.

Vinegar & Baking Soda

Sprinkle baking soda on the mold you are trying to remove then spray it with vinegar which will cause the baking soda to fizz. Allow the baking soda and vinegar to settle for a short period of time and create a paste. Once the combination has become a paste, use a cloth or toothbrush to scrub away the mold and rinse with water.


Apply a combination of 1 part bleach and 3 parts water to the moldy area using a spray bottle or rag to kill the mold. Tougher mold may require scrubbing with a rag or toothbrush for smaller, hard to reach areas. Even though you are diluting bleach with water, its active ingredients sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide will be strong enough to remove mold. When using the combination of bleach and water, be sure to wear protective gloves and make sure there is proper ventilation.  

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