Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Cleaning and New Projects

Yes, it's that time of year for us. Not quite warm enough to pack away jackets and boots and relax in the sun, but not so cold to where stepping outside requires insulated gloves and a fur-lined jacket. We've decided to participate in the neighborhood yard sale weekend next month, so we're slowly going through boxes in the attic and starting on some home projects we've had on our checklist all winter.

One of said projects is working on kitchen improvements. When we bought our house, the kitchen had some pretty ugly tile. We didn't mind so much at first, especially with little ones crawling about, but now that they're a little older and we have a bigger budget we've decided it's time for the floor to get an upgrade. We're thinking vinyl flooring - the stuff that looks like real wood but isn't. Supposedly it's scratch resistant and doesn't stain, and seeing as it's not wood, spills won't seep into the flooring like it would with porous wood. Anyway, we're just trying to find a good company to go through. A friend of ours recommended this place, Carolina Flooring, so we might be giving them a shot. We're definitely open to recommendations, though!

Another project is working on improving my DH's home office. He works from home about 2-3 days a week and right now his space is a bit of a mess. He also wants some new furniture. Back when we lived in Michigan we used to purchase used office furniture through this company, but now that we're down south, we're trying to find a new place. We're too cheap to pay full price for something new (prices for new, quality chairs are outrageous), so we'd like to find a place that sells used/refurbished office furniture for reasonable prices. He really just wants a new desk and chair, but I've also been looking for storage space so we can get that space tidied up.

Other than that, we're trying to get rid of clothing we don't wear and trinkets we no longer want or need. It feels so great to declutter!

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