Thursday, August 28, 2014

What I Want My Kitchen to Be

Since full-time mommies like me spend most of the time in the kitchen, you can’t blame me for wanting it remodeled more than the master bedroom. Based on the survey made by, 94 percent of the respondents want to replace their kitchen countertops. Sounds like I’m not the only one dissatisfied with my present countertop! 

But can you blame me if I hated my hard-to-clean tile countertop? The most popular choice, according to the same survey, is either granite or quartz. These two materials look a lot similar, but they aren’t so especially when it comes to maintenance and longevity. I read this article about the pros and cons of granite and quartz, and I still can’t decide which one I want!

If we’re talking about grandeur and longer-than-a-lifetime use, that will be granite. However, granite countertops have to be sealed ideally every year to prevent them from absorbing stains. On the other hand, quartz is less expensive than granite and even stronger. No sealing is required so it’s low maintenance for busy mommies.

So does quartz take the cake here? Well, more than half of the respondents prefer granite and 36 percent choose quartz. Although granite sounds impractical, it doesn’t take away the fact that it’s natural stone and can make any kitchen look immaculate just by its presence!

My dream kitchen looks a lot like this!

When it comes to appliances, a nice, big chef’s stove would be the dream. I certainly cook a lot for a family of five and I could use a lot of cooking space! And how about hardwood floors in the kitchen instead of plain tiles? I wouldn’t mind cooking barefoot with the feel of hardwood on my soles.

And another good thing about kitchen renovations? It’ll certainly increase the value of our property. Sure, I want the new kitchen for myself, but if or when we decide in the future to move into a bigger house when our kids are older, it’s good to know that we can sell our house at a better market value.

How about you? What’s your dream kitchen?

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