Monday, August 13, 2012

Does Caffeine and Pregnancy Mix?

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What do you think about drinking caffeine during pregnancy? I used to have an application on my iPhone (before I switched to the Droid) to a pregnancy board. I noticed that many people seemed a little fanatical about not drinking any caffeine at all during their pregnancies while others are more lax. I would fall into the more lax category. I don’t drink coffee but I do partake in diet Pepsi daily (since I am addicted). My doctor said two a day was perfectly fine so I stick to her recommendation.

I drank diet soda the entire time I was pregnant with my first son and he is actually quite bright and in perfect health. I do understand that soda is not healthy at all but I do not drink anything except diet Pepsi and water so that is my justification. I think the key is everything in moderation. Do you have a different perspective?

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