Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dinosaurs Love Underpants - a book for kids - will make you all laugh

Dinosaurs Love Underpants, published by Simon and Schuster, a book for kids is written to entertain and to make your child and you both laugh. Without doubt it will make you laugh and for sure will become a bedtime favorite story for your two year old.

The book is written by Claire Freedman and illustrated by Ben Cort who both have a crazy creativity and imagination. It is this kind of imagination that helps children fall in love with books. This is what helps to make children avid readers for the rest of their lives.

The second time I read this book for kids, I noticed the sense of humor coming through in the words, which I had missed in my first read of the book. The dinosaurs have very expressive faces and who sometimes look fearsome. Their faces tell you exactly if the dinosaur is winning or losing in the grand battle.

Tomorrow morning, when I put on my underpants I am certainly going to think of them differently, before I go off to check out children’s books online.

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