Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What to Do in Lenox, Massachusetts, this Summer

We're always looking for new and exciting things to do in the New England and north east region. One of the best towns worth visiting is Lenox, MA. Lenox, Massachusetts is a beautiful small town of just over 5,000 people located in western portion of the state. The beautiful weather and amazing attractions found in the town make Lenox a very popular tourist destination every summer. These are the five things everyone must do when they visit Lenox this summer


Tanglewood is an outdoor music venue that has been operating in Lenox since August 1938. The Boston Symphony Orchestra calls Tanglewood their permanent home every summer. In addition to the great classical music concerts, large rock and pop acts regularly visit the venue. Dolly Parton, Brian Wilson, James Taylor, Bob Dylan and other popular artists are having concerts at Tanglewood this summer.

Bershire Scenic Railway Museum

If you are looking to visit a great museum during your time in Lenox this summer, then you need to check out the Bershire Scenic Railway Museum. The museum has been been displaying the history of the railroad system and its economic impact on the region since it opened in 1984. The main attraction is the restored 1903 Lenox train station. The museum is currently only open from May to October.

Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

There is no better place to enjoy the natural scenery of Lenox this summer than the Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to over 1,100 acres of forest, wetlands and meadows. Hiking the seven-mile trail is the best way to experience everything the sanctuary has to offer. Canoe trips are also available beginning in late June.

The Mount

The Mount is one of the oldest and largest country houses located in Lenox, Massachusetts. The Mount was originally constructed in 1902, and it was officially named a United States National Historic Landmark in November 1971. Every guest to The Mount will learn about famed author Edith Wharton, her family and her historic home. In addition to the tour of the property, there are also lectures, art exhibitions, concerts and live performances held at The Mount throughout the summer.

Cranwell Resort Golf Club

Sports enthusiasts will need to set aside time to play a round a golf at the Cranwell Resort Golf Club. The beautiful par-69 course is one of the most beautiful and scenic golf courses you will find in the country. There is no need to worry if you forgot your clubs at home because you can rent a set of the latest Nike clubs for a small fee.

Now all I have to do is check these things off my list when I visit Lenox while staying at the Brook Farm Inn, one of Lenox's best bed and breakfasts.

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